We're not talking about yoga!

No better therapy than to spend moments of laughter and creativity with your friends! Get your group together...a minimum of four and a maximum of ten. Then, secure an open date at Brayer&Brush and assign a group host/hostess to work directly with Annalisa in planning a project tailor-made for you and your friends.

Cost: $25 per participant + a $50 Studio Fee per group.

We supply: Instruction, Materials, and Fun! Each participant will leave with a work of art.

You supply: Laughter and Cheer (if you wish, that could be wine or beer) and/or food for the soul and body.

Call or email Annalisa to schedule this option.



Group Stretching

Customized Session

If you have a creative idea you want our help to pursue, we can personalize a session just right for you. We have assisted a leather tooling artist in using our press to print his creations, used our improvisational skills to create custom prints from a customer's etched printing block, explored artists' ideas in creating work with innovative media, and more.

Coaching, encouraging, and studio/press time are normally priced at $30 per hour. General studio and supply fee is $25 per session. Additional supplies that we provide are very reasonably priced.

Call or email Annalisa to schedule this option.




Customized Adventures in Creativity


Private Jump Starts into Creativity

Customized 4-session class

Are you an artist, or an aspiring artist, that just needs a jump start into your own creative process? Annalisa will customize sessions for you based on your personal goals in your choice of media. Four session commitment required to head you toward your finish line.

Cost of $200 per class. Each class consists of four 1.5 hour sessions. Most supplies included.




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