Brayer&Brush opened its doors for the FIrst Friday Art Walk in October 2012. What began as a search for studio and storage space led to the discovery of 3012 North Lee in the historic Paseo Arts District.


This euphoric find not only met the need for storage space of art tools (like brayers and brushes) for Annalisa Campbell, a teaching and mixed media artist, but opened a door to many creative opportunities. Brayer&Brush shines a prism of light on Creative Thinking for students, Creative Exploration for patrons, and a gallery opportunity for other very Creative Oklahoma artists.

where creativity comes to life

a building full of memories

Several visitors comment on their memories of this special space from years past. Over the past 90 years, who knows what these walls have witnessed? But now, in keeping with the renaissance of the arts in OKC, we are excited to be in a place where children and adults alike may express themselves through the visual arts. The aroma of pinon wood every First Friday evokes the creative wonders of this region.


off the beaten path

You are invited to enjoy Brayer&Brush, too. Although not on the main path of the Paseo, Brayer&Brush is very much a part of the Paseo District arts scene. You will find us just down the alley, west of Picasso Cafe, and just north of Old Trinity of Paseo.


Annalisa encourages you to find your way and discover the Artists, the Gallery, the Creative Experiences, and the Happenings of Brayer&Brush.


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